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Weekend trips from London to Europe[2021]

Weekend trips from London to Europe: Dear Guys, Thank you so much for giving us your support, Today we are going to elaborate on “Best Weekend trip from London to Europe 2019″ In this article, we are discussing important places in London and most famous places in Europe, please read this article.Awesome Weekend trips from London to Europe.

As we mentioned above, ” Weekend trip from London to Europe” We will conclude all the important places and routes, and travel guides, and tourist places with full details.

Amazing Weekend trips from London
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Amazing Weekend trips from London

Here, I am giving a small introduction about the history of London, As you know, The London capital of England, London is the largest city amoung of England and the United Kingdom. (Most popular city)

Top Amazing Attraction points in London

Beautiful Buckingham Garden in the heart of London

Round London Eye

London Tallest Building- The View from The Shard

Historical London Dungeon

London Zoo ZSL

Royal PalaceTower of London

Hop-on- hop Bus

Easiest Best Weekend Trips from London- Weekend getaways near me

1. Wales Cardiff is the capital city of wales

Wales is a beautiful country and the part of England and the small island of Britain, Cardiff is the capital city of wales.

Officially they used Welsh and English language for communication or normal use. Pound sterling(GBP; £) as a currency used here.

Why Wales is famous for?

As you know wales are famous for its beautiful and amazing hills & mountains, the main attraction points for the visitor for this.

Interesting facts about Wales?

Cardiff is the capital city of wales. “Snowdown” This is the highest peak in Wales country.

2. Manchester

Manchester is the part of England and

3. Liverpool

Liverpool is officially known as Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City This is situated in England.

4. Oxford

Oxford was the first college and was built in the 13th century, It is situated in South England.

Day trips from London to Europe

Here below places, you can make a plan for Day trips from London to Europe:–

We may plan to visit the City of Paris, Beautiful awesome Disneyland in Paris, Alps of Frenc, Southern parts of Paris, Amsterdam And the beyond and Brussels

5 Best Weekend trips from London to Europe

5 Best Weekend trips in Germany

Lake Bled Sylvania:

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Lake Bled Sylvania there has to be a reason that Lake Bled ranks as one of the most popular resorts in all of Sylvania actually a couple of reasons if you need a place to go for your honeymoon and you and your honey are more.

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Hense outdoors kind of people then you’ll probably want to book a room at one of the hotels that blood resorts so that you have somewhere to stay after you do some hiking canyoning biking or the many water sports that get played out on the lake.

if you need some downtime from physical activity there’s even a medieval castle nearby at the side of the cliff how European is that.

The Giverny pond France Beautiful Weekend trips from London to Europe

 The Giverny pond France water lily pond
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This image may look really familiar to you for those of us, not art experts just think of Monet the water lily pond you see before you are the same that Claude Monet depicted in his 1899 painting the water lily pond located in the French commune Giverny in the country’s northern region lots of Monet fans visit the pond,

As well as the nearby house Monet once rented during the late 1800s up until the 1920s and it wasn’t just Monet lots of artists, came to work and Giverny for its abundant share of landscapes to inspire them.

The Cliffs of Moher Ireland: Weekend trips from London to Europe

amazing images of The Cliffs of Moher Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher Ireland there’s lots to see in Ireland of course and if you’ve already visited all the major historical landmarks in the capital city and the Guinness brewery.

So, you might want to check out the Cliffs of Moher located at the southwestern coast of the Bern region the cliffs appear both a scenic and daunting site as you watch the waves hit the rocky bottom.

Amazing images of The Cliffs of Moher Ireland

you’ll also be able to feel all that cool atmospheric stuff that comes with seaside nature the call of birds the sound of the ocean the breeze and all that image of the greenery.

Sultan Ahmed mosque Turkey:

Sultan Ahmed mosque Turkey

Sultan Ahmed mosque Turkey built in the late classical Ottoman style the Sultan Ahmed Mosque was completed in the year 1616 and to this day still stands as part of the Istanbul skyline in Turkey it can hold up to 10,000 individuals more commonly referred to as the Blue Mosque.

Sultan Ahmed mosque Turkey

Another blue place it was constructed during the reign of Ahmed the first following the peace of Zeus Iraq in 2006 Pope Benedict

The 16th even visited the Blue Mosque the second ever papal visit to a place of Muslim worship and if you do ever get to visit make sure to pay attention to the interior floor which features over 20,000 handmade ceramic tiles covered in different tulip designs

Rakotzbrucke Germany Best Weekend trips from London to Europe

Rakotzbrucke  Germany

Rakotzbrucke Germany perhaps all that consumption of European based fairytales can be blamed for how all these neat looking places look like they came from a fantasy book and that description is no less apparent when it comes to the Rakotzbrucke

Rakotzbrucke Germany awesome picture

Ultimate Europe Trip Pictures Videos

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