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singheshwar • | singheshwar mandir, History

singheshwar sthan and singheswar
singheshwar sthan and singheswar mandir amzing pic

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सिंघेश्वर मधेपुरा का अभिन्न अंग(प्रशासनिक विभाग) है जो कि जो मधेपुरा से 6 किलोमीटर दूरी पर स्थित है और यह मधेपुरा डिस्ट्रिक्ट के अंदर में आता है और बिहार स्टेट का यह बहुत ही अभिन्न अंग है

यहां पर भगवान शिव जी का बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध मंदिर है जिसका दर्शन करने श्रद्धालु बहुत दूर दूर से और यहाँ तक की नेपाल से भी आते हैं और यहां पर पूजा करते हैं 

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Brief Details baba singheshwar sthan Madhepura

As we know, here all pilgrims devotes came for pray. The Shiva temple of singheswar known for singheswar sthan, this is very religious place, as we know, this place and land is for meditation place for Holy Rishi Shringi. That’s a reason this is very religious place for Hindu community

Singheswar mandir images
Singheswar mandir images, Madhepura

Important Information: 

Total Population (वर्ष 2001 की जनगणना के अनुसार): 102,086

Language: Maithili, and Hindi language
Post office: Singheswar S.O Post office, singheswar madhepura

Pin code:852118

Local and STD Codes: 06476

Police station adress: Pipra road, Singheswar sthan, Main Bazar, Block-Singheswar

River: Koshi

Nearest railway station: Dauram Madhepura Railway station

Nearest Domestic Airport:  Purina Airport

Nearest International Airport:  Patna”Capital of Bihar” 

A short tour of Madhepura

Others Details (Bihar Madhepura singheshwar sthan)

Bank name: Sate Bank of India- Singheswar

I.F.S.C -Code:  SBIN- 0003007

Branch code:  0003007

Contact No: 06476-283045 284223

Email id:  ‎

M.I.C.R CODE:   85200- 2703

Adress: Singhesar Asthan, Singheswar Madhepura, Bihar 852128, India

Contact customer care for more details: Toll free Number:  1800 11 2211, 1800 425 3800

Email: contact 

Singheswar -State Bank of India is located in centre of Singheswar, and very near to Singheswar sthan .

Singhswar is located 6 km from Madhepura, Bihar, India.

Above we mentioned bank full details with contact details and email id of official purpose.

List of Important Villages in Singheshwar


सिंघेशर स्थान









Google map Location:

Importanet Links:

Madhepura Official website:

List Of University and college in Singheswar


Adress: Majarhat, Pin code- 852128, Bihar India 

Contact details: 06476 ******


Adress: KTMC, College, Jajhat, Madhepura,

Pin code-  852128

Contact no-06476******

Madhepura Medical College Madhepura

Address: Near Bihpur Road, Jajhat, Birpur, Bihar, India

Pin code- 852128;

B.N.Mandal University “Bhupendra Narayana Mandal University”

Adress: Madhepura, Laaloo nagar, Main Road, Madhepura,

Pin code- 852113

Contact Number: 06476-222059

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