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Eid Mubarak Ho-Why Do We Celebrate,ईद मुबारक हो-ईद की बधाई

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Dear Guys,, In this article, we are going to share and discuss in-depth about ईद-मुबारक-Why do we celebrate Eid, ईद मुबारक हो, Eid Mubarak in 2019, ईद मुबारक इमेज, ईद मुबारक इमेजेज, ईद की बधाई, Eid Mubarak ho images, Eid Mubarak ho 2020, Eid Mubarak ho 2019, Eid Mubarak Ho Gayi

If you are looking for the same article, “ ईद-मुबारक-Why do we celebrate Eid ” then you are at the right place, We have included some more interesting topics, like इद मुबारक, ईद की बधाई, ईद मुबारक कविता, Eid Mubarak in Hindi language, Eid Mubarak 2021, عيد مبارك, Eid Mubarak ho Gaya, Eid Mubarak ho Eid Mubarak, Eid Mubarak Ho Gayi

 Eid- Mubarak-ho-imagesईद मुबारक हो
Eid- Mubarak-ho-imagesईद मुबारक हो

WHY DO WE CELEBRATE EID Mubarak ho? ईद मुबारक हो

ईद मुबारक- Eid Fasting-The purification:?❤

Eid Fasting is the voluntary practice of abstaining from food for a certain period of time.

In many religious beliefs, people usually combine prayers with fasting

eid-Mubarak-ho-why-do-we-celebrate-eid-Mubarak 2021

ईद मुबारक ” عيد مبارك” Eid Mubarak का मतलब संस्कृत में

In Sanskrit, fasting is called Upvas which means attaining mental proximity to God.

Most of our time and energy is spent on procuring, cooking, and eating food

Eid-Mubarak-ho-eid ki-badhaiya-images
Eid-Mubarak-ho-eid ki-badhaiya-images

What to eat during Ramadan?

Some food items may even lead to a negative impact on our bodies, therefore, some people choose to observe fasts so as to purify their minds and bodies.

They devote themselves to the thoughts of God instead.

Some traditions, like the Jains, even undertake the final fast, which ends in death

It is their way of voluntarily giving up life when they consider their time as having come

Ramadan Kareem 2020 ,2021| Ramzan Mubarak 2020 , Ramzan 2020 , Ramazan intro 2020 , رمضان كريم ٢٠٢٠

Ramadan Kareem 2020 l Ramzan Mubarak 2020

What is Eid-Ul-Fitr and why do Muslims celebrate it?

When the Holy months Ramzan started, All Muslims over the entire world come to close and begin celebrated Eid-Ul-Fitr (ईद मुबारक)

Eid Mubarak png/ happy eid Mubarak image
Eid Mubarak png/ happy eid Mubarak image

Importance Significance of Eid Mubarak- ईद मुबारक हो का महत्व:-

During this festival Ramadan, All entire worlds’ Muslims took part in the duration of fasting, and do prayer.

The significance of Eid Mubarak, you must know why and what the reason behind Ramzan is celebrated? 

If you don’t know, I am trying to explain each and every point in detail.

क्या है ईद मुबारक और क्यों मुस्लिम मनाते है ईद मुबारक हो

It’s a significant time for the Muslim community because we as a Muslim strongly believe that during Ramzan, the Holy Qur’an was revealed to humanity through our Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon him).

Ramadan Mubarak 2020 | Special Whatsapp status video | 15 seconds | Happy Ramadan Mubarak status

Ramadan Mubarak 2020

रमजान कब से शुरू होगा हर साल – Ramadan will start Every Year

Generally, Ramadan starts in the first week of May and until the end of June. But it totally depends upon the moon and Islamic calculations and also Eid-ul-Fitr starts also depend upon where you are located in world and moon position and visibility.

As you know, Ramazan or Ramadan “रमजान” falls every year during the 9th month of the Muslim calendar.

ईद-उल -फ़ित्र का मतलब

Eid-ul-Fitr means “Festival of breaking the fast (Roza)”

ईद मुबारक हो और ईद की बधाईया आप लोगो के साथ

Normally, the Eid festival is celebrated for 3 days and in Muslim countries its official holidays.??

This festival, All Muslim brothers get together in Mosque or EidGah for Namaz(Prayer) and after prayer, they wish (تقبل الله منا و) Yani gale Milna (hug together) and use greetings “ईद मुबारक हो और ईद की बधाईया “

Eid Mubarak celebrates this festival with family, relatives & friends.

How is Ramadan celebrated in different countries? दूसरे मुल्को में रमजान कैसे मनाया जाता है?

Approximate More than Two billion Muslims around the world get together to celebrate the Eid ul Fitr festival.

Below I am trying to explain the rule for Namaz(Salah) for Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid Mubarak


Eid-ul-Fitr Eid Mubarak Namaz: ईद मुबारक नमाज का तरीका

Eid ki namaz ki Niyat-ईद-उल फ़ित्र की कितनी रिकात

First Rakat for Eid-ul-Fitr Namaz:?❤

Eid-ul-Fitr Eid Mubarak Namaz: ईद मुबारक नमाज का तरीका

Step No-01:  Two Rikats Namaz(Salah) behind the Imam for Eid ul Fitr prayer ground or mosque along with six Takbeers.
Step No-02:  When Imam has said “Allah-hu-Akbar” the first time, you should raise your hands and follow the imam, and this is the first Takbeer of the Namaz(prayer)
Eid-ul-Fitr Eid Mubarak Namaz/ EID KI NAMAZ KA TARKIKA

Eid ki namaz ki Niyat ka Tarika

Step no-03:  Three Takbeers before the Imam begins rebuke from the Holy Quran. Each time the Imam says “Allah-Hu-Akbar” raise your hands, and then place them down on your sides.
Third StepAfter the third Takbir, the Imam will begin rebuking from the Holy Quran. At that point, you should take off the hand and put your hand on your chest.
Eid ki namaz ki Niyat ka Tarika

Eid ki namaz padhne ka Tarika

Step No-04:  Follow the instruction of the Imam and listen carefully to lessons of the Holy Quran. The Imam will read Surah-al-Fatiha and then others Surah.
Step No-05:  Imam says “Allah-hu-Akbar” go to Ruku
Step No-06:  And Stand up straight when the Imam says “Sami Allahu Liman Hamidah”   (سامي الله ليمان حميدة) and say “Rabbana lakal Hamd ” ربانة لكحل حمد ” in a very low sound
Step No-7:  When the Imam says “Allah-hu-Akbar” go into Sazda.
Eid ki namaz padhne ka Tarika/ Eiud ki namaz ka pura tarkia hindi me

The 2nd Rakat for Eid-ul-Fitr Namaz: ईद-उल फ़ित्र की कितनी रिकात- Eid ki namaz ki niyat in hindi

Step no-08:  The imam will initially recount from the holy quran.
Step no-09:  Afterward, before going into ruku, there will be three takbirs. Follow the imam. Raise your hands after each “allahu akbar.” after the third takbir, go into ruku remember, this is the bowing position.
Step no-10  Stand up straight when the imam says, “sami allah huliman hamidah”, and say “rabbana lakal hamd” in a low voice.
The 2nd Rakat for Eid-ul-Fitr Namaz: ईद-उल फ़ित्र की कितनी रिकात- Eid ki namaz ki niyat in hindi
ईद मुबारक फोटो, ईद मुबारक वॉलपेपर, ईद मुबारक कार्टून
ईद मुबारक फोटो, ईद मुबारक वॉलपेपर, ईद मुबारक कार्टून

Eid-ul-Fitr celebration in India 2021: ?❤️

It is that time of the year when millions of people following the Islamic faith would get up to break the month-long fasts and celebrate Eid.

But for non-Muslims in India, it has been a bit different, they wait for it for three main reasons

➛Public Holiday

➛Feasting on Biryani, and Mithi Sawaiya and traditional food

➛Another Salman Khan movie ?

We must know why Muslims peoples celebrate this festival: Eid–ul-Fitr…!हमे जरूर जानना चाहिए क्यों मुस्लिम इस पर्व “ईद मुबारक” को मानते है

Celebrate this festival Eid For Gratitude: ईद मनाना चाहिए आभार के लिए

We have all seen a Muslim clears past during the month of Ramzan but what we did not know was that they asked to show the gratitude to the Almighty as it was the holy month of Ramzan when Quran was first revealed.

Eid ul Fitr month the celebration of the successful completion of this fast it is a way in which the Thanks Allah for guiding them through the month-long fast number


Enjoy this festival “Eid ul Fitr” for forgiveness: इस त्योहार ईद उल फितर को माफ़ी के लिए मनाये

Just like being grateful Muslims believe that one needs to seek forgiveness from the Almighty for their wrongdoings these wrongdoings could be intentional and also those which happen unknowingly more importantly.

During Eid, persons are encouraged to forgive and forget any animosity and enmity with others that might have occurred during the year many even consider seeking forgiveness from elders and family members during this holy festival number.

Celebrate this festival “Eid ul Fitr” For charity: इस त्योहार को “ईद उल फितर” को गरीबो की मदद करने के लिए मनाएं:

The fasting for a month Muslim sure the discipline and obedience were following all the rules that forbid them from consuming any kind of food or beverage by doing so they come close to understanding the pain of the underprivileged as an act of charity Muslims pay money to the poor and the privileged.

Muslims are expected to give an obligatory charity amount on behalf of each of the family members to the needy or the poor this way even the poor and underprivileged would be able to celebrate Eid and not feel depressed

For Merriment:

Like every other festival in the world, Eid is celebrated to spread joy and happiness among people meet and greet each other a simple eat Mubarak followed by houses of eight will share the joy with each other there are fish with delicacies ranging from biryani to Seekh Korma.

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Eid Mubarak wishes

ईद मुबारक हो की बधाई
आप सभी को क Greetingsglobal के तरफ़ से ईद उल फ़ित्र की बहुत बहुत सुभकामना मुबारकबाद ..! ईद मुबारक,
ईद उल फ़ित्र बहुत बहुत मुबारक  
Eid Mubarak ki badhayiya
ईद मुबारक की बधाई शायरी 2020- ईद 2020- ईद शायरी 2020
मुझ को तेरी और तुझको मेरी खबर न मिलेगी,
ईद यु ही आएँगी और गुजर जाएगी …!
Eid Mubarak wishes 2020- Eid 2020, Eid Shayari 2020
Eid pe shayari- Eid shayari 2020/ Eid Shayari for lover
“तेरे दीदार के लिए तरसता हु,
तेरा दीदार हो जाये, वो ईद से कम नहीं “
Eid pe shayari- Eid shayari 2020/ Eid Shayari for lover
Eid ki muabarakbaad hindi me
क़बूल कीजिये हमारी ईद कि मुबारकबाद
Eid ki muabarakbaad

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ईद मुबारक फिल्म & ईद मुबारक मूवी

Every Year during Eid ul Fitr day, Salman Khan has released movies.
Here we are sharing some hit movies with date, you can watch online through youtube.
Top 10 Hindi Movies “Bollywood” Eid special releases
Dabanng (10 Sept 2010)
Bodyguard (31 Aug 2011)
1 Tha Tiger (15 Aug 2012)
Kick (25 July 2014)
Kabhii Khushii Kabhiie Ghamm (14 December 2001)
Kall Ho Na Ho (28 November 2003)
Ver Zaaara (12 November 2004)
Don: (20 Oct 2006)
Chennai Exp (9 Aug 2013)
Bhul Bhoolaiyaa (12 October 2007)

मुबारक हो मुबारक हो मेरे को ईद मुबारक हो

मुबारक हो मुबारक हो मेरे को ईद मुबारक हो:
This song belongs to Movie- Tumko an Bhul paynege, Amazing movie

गूगल ईद मुबारक 2021

According to the Islamic calendar and Moon, Eid will be celebrated on Saturday 23 May

ईद मुबारक 2020|2021

ईद मुबारक 2021: Saturday 24 May ( exact date will depend upon Moon)
According to the Islamic calendar and Moon, Eid will be celebrated on Saturday 24 May

ईद मुबारक इमेज, ईद मुबारक फोटो , ईद मुबारक पिक्चर

ईद मुबारक इमेज: Please click here to check out for more details

ईद मुबारक 2019

ईद मुबारक 2019: In 2019, Eid was celebrated on Monday and date was 3rd June 2019

ईद मुबारक ईद मुबारक 2021

ईद मुबारक ईद मुबारक: Please click here for ईद मुबारक हो की बधाई, ईद मुबारक की बधाई शायरी, ईद शायरी 2020

ईद मुबारक कब है 2019 me

ईद मुबारक कब है: Saturday 24 May 2020

ईद मुबारक हो

ईद मुबारक हो: Please click here for more details

Ramzan kab se start ho raha hai

Ramzan shall start from 24 April, Thursday, and end of Ramzan will be 23rd May

2020 mein Ramzan kaun se Mahine mein ha

2020 mein ramzan kaun se mahine mein hai: Ramzan 2020 me April yani year ke 4th month 24rd April ko shuru hoga aur 5th Month me hai Yani 23 rd may ko khatam Hoga.

Ramzan kab se shuru hai 2020

Ramzan kab se shuru hai 2020: Ramzan 2020 me April yani year ke 4th month 24th  April ko shuru hoga

Ramzan kab se shuru hai 2019

Ramzan kab se shuru hai 2019: Ramzan 2019 will begin 5th may sunday in saudi arabia and ended will be Monday 3rd may

Ramzan kab hai 2020

Ramzan kab hai 2020: Ramzan 2020 me April yani year ke 4th month 24th April ko shuru hoga

Eid Mubarak in arabic

عيد مبارك

ईद मुबारक शायरी

please click here for more details

Eid ka Chand

Insha Allah, Eid ka Chand 23 may ko dilkhega.

ईद मुबारक सलमान खान

ईद मुबारक सलमान खान , Eid Mubarak Salman Khan Bhai

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